Certification Program

The Barista-Academy has the goal to improve the coffee industry by offering proper education on coffee and its preparation methods. The Barista-Academy trains bar personnel in hotels, restaurants and cafes to become an Certified Barista, a Barista is a specialist in the preparation of a wide variety of coffee drinks. Once a student successfully accomplishes the Professional Barista Training he or she receives an official Barista Certificate. This certificate is a proof of his/her commitment to the Specialty Coffee Industry. This certificate offers the following: – Evidence that he/she finished the Professional Barista Training successfully. – As a specialist, this official document will justify their increased industry value. – It enable him/her to have a better chance of having a good professional future within the local or international Specialty Coffee Industry. Below you will find an example of such registered document: To assure that certified Baristas maintain & improve their Barista knowledge and Barista skills they are expected to extend their certificate by doing a frequent examination. This examination will be done by the Barista-Academy. The standard Barista Certificate is a “Level I Barista Certificate” and can be upgraded by following additional trainings offered by the Barista-Academy.

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